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GM Herius - Posted 6 days ago

Patch Notes Preview V1.80.00.00 (Subject to change)

*These notes are all subject to change, notes can be added and/or removed before Final version.*


Upgraded to a more recent unreal engine.
Re-added support for first person helmet overlays.
Added a bunch of new custom helmet overlays.
Improved UI and stat connection to avoid desync between the two.
Built a cheaper unified stat-calcing class. This sound speed ... Read more » ( forum link )
GM Galenus - Posted 1 week ago

Bug Tracker Restructuring

In an effort to streamline our Bug Tracker, we are going to be closing the current sub-forums, and opening new ones. The new sub-forums will be organized similarly, but not exactly the way they were before.

You may ask, why are we doing this? We as the support team are going to be optimizing our approach to communicate and delivering bugs to our Developers, who can then use this data to prioritize and streamline the QA process on their end. We have plans to do this internally wi... Read more » ( forum link )
GM Herius - Posted 3 months ago

Patch Notes


You now only drain the double stamina on mounts if you swing.
Armor weight now impacts your buoyancy when in water.
Added a linear stamina regain reduction when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30)
Added a linear fall distance modifier when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30 will increase the amount of fall damage) under 10 will reduce it.
Added a linear jump height reduction when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30... Read more » ( forum link )

Basic game info

Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting.

Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters.

Build your own house, or set up a guild to build a keep. With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies will be able to rule an entire nation.

Choose from many different races and professions. You decide your own style of playing and whether to focus on PvP or PvE, both sharing the same game world. Devote your life to crafting, combat, magic or trading. Discover new skills, tools and resources. Or be the first to explore new areas to put your name on the map.


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