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GM Galenus - Posted 3 weeksago

Reminder on Lootbag issues and Item Reimbursement

Greetings everyone,

We'd like to remind everyone that, from time to time, issues related to items/loot/lootbags may arise, and advise everyone on the best way to handle these situations. Also, we need to remind everyone about our item reimbursement policy, which may be found here:

As we all know, there are node lines which run throughout the world map. If you are about to ...Read more » ( forum link )
GM Galenus - Posted 1 monthago

Regarding Veteran Points/Rewards

Greetings all,

Our Vet system is still down for rebuilding. While it's down, points will not be able to be redeemed, and will not show that they are tallying in the in-game Rewards UI.

We'll update the community as soon as we have any updates.Read more » ( forum link )
Mavorl - Posted 1 monthago

Forum Rules

Forum Rules

By utilizing the Mortal Online forum, you agree to be bound to and abide by the Forum rules. Any violation of the rules will be dealt with my Staff in an appropriate manner. These rules are necessary to give customers a positive experience when visiting the official game forum. The use of the Mortal Online Forums is a privilege, NOT a right. Star Vault reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, revoke the use of these forums at any time, ...Read more » ( forum link )

Basic game info

Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting.

Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters.

Build your own house, or set up a guild to build a keep. With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies will be able to rule an entire nation.

Choose from many different races and professions. You decide your own style of playing and whether to focus on PvP or PvE, both sharing the same game world. Devote your life to crafting, combat, magic or trading. Discover new skills, tools and resources. Or be the first to explore new areas to put your name on the map.


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Progress update Howdy community! Time for another progress update. We are still working on the new magic school, the first 2…Progress update Hey community! It's been a while since we updated you folks on what we are doing, but today we break the silence…

Territory Ranking

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  1. 1.92 km2Requiem
  2. 1.76 km2OrderOfTheGriffon
  3. 1.57 km2GuardiansOfEden
  4. 1.39 km2JUNO
  5. 95.93 hm2Einherjar
  1. William N.
  2. Wreml
  3. Thetruezazka

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